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Mar 08 12(no subject)
lil jon

i want to make icons but I don't know what to make them of....

I have some screencaps from Toy Story 3 and I'm flipping through Curb Your Enthusiasm videos.

Ahh fuck it... I'll find something....

lil jon
Well, I made a few GIFS of this video and people of ONTD loved it. So I thought I would share what I made here. I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much. My summer got suddenly busy (surprise). I hope to post more before school starts. I definitely will be posting soon as I have made many icons laying on my hard drive. Feel free to use the request feature if you're a member, you guys!
  • No hotlinking
  • Credit colourhavoc and enjoy!
  • P.S. I will likely add more to this post just not right now.


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Jul 14 10(no subject)
lil jon
  • This post will contain lots of NUDITY. So it's safe to say that anyone under the age of 18 or those who do not care for nudity should not enter this post.
  • 31 Betty Page & 20 Vintage and Naked Ladies
  • Comment and credit colourhavoc if you take
  • LJ recommends that you not feature a nude person in your default icon but use them as alternatives instead. You are responsible for the content of your default icon, not colourhavoc or any of its partcipating members/maintainers/moderators
  • Textless icons are not bases / Please do not hotlink. Thanks and Enjoy :)
Jul 13 10 - Request Post
lil jon
This post is for any requests that MEMBERS of colourhavoc may have. You may request icons/small banners. Thanks

testing something
Jul 08 10 - Daria
lil jon
Daria is one of my favorite shows so I decided to cap/icon one of the episodes. The icons are from Season 4, Episode 5: Dye! Dye! My Darling. I capped it myself. On to the post
  • 19 GIFS & 20 regular icons
  • Comment and Credit if you take colourhavoc 
  • Please watch the community for more Daria posts


Daria: (to Tom) Why? Why? Because I moved to this town and I knew immediately that I'd be a total outcast, and in the one moment of good luck I've had in my entire life I met another outcast who I could really be friends with, and not feel completely alone, and then you came along and screwed the whole thing up.Collapse )
Jul 08 10 - Resources
lil jon
This resource post is tentative. If you feel you were wrongly left out, please let me know.
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lil jon
This song/video has a special place in my heart because my father's name is Alejandro. Anyway, on to the post:
  • 27 regular icons and 17 GIF icons
  • This post took FOREVER, so please comment and credit if you're taking.
  • Have fun little monsters!

Ale-Ale-AlejandroCollapse )
lil jon

  • 19 sexy GIFS of LD and 2 of Susie
  • Please comment, credit and watch the community for more gift posts.
  • TY for partaking in this smexy post

One for your troubles, two for your painsCollapse )
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